About S&M

Cory & I are both partners in business and life. We met back in 2013 both occasional cannabis users and we have grown together in so many ways. Cory has supported me through a difficult health journey and helped me to cope with so much pain that we both became intrigued with cannabis culture and how much of a positive effect it had on my health and anxiety. Cory although not a medical marijuana patient, he is a caregiver and does use cannabis to help his sleep and the aches and pain of working a very physical job. 

After years of being consumers, we decided to also advocate for cannabis legalization, especially for medical use. This began by making edibles for adult patients who were not interested in smoking and teaching friends and other patients how to best use cannabis and strains and terpenes to their advantage and to improve symptoms. 

After studying cannabis and the various strains and laws surrounding cannabis for a few years, we have decided to launch our Medical Marijuana patient products which includes our MMJ Memoirs, strain guide. The strain guide was created when other guides on the market were not as thorough as we believed a medical patient would need, to have a full understanding of the strain benefits and symptom tracking.